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Ciao was founded in June 1999 in Munich. The goal was to provide consumers with a portal to exchange information about products and services, and in doing so increase information exchange and confluence in e-commerce against a background of high growth. Ciao became one of e-commerce’s first consumer portals.

On the 1st of May 2007 Ciao accomplished a major step by separating its businesses into legally and operationally independent entities for Comparison Shopping and Internet survey solutions. As separate operating entities, the management teams of each business can grow and develop the businesses according to their specific needs and focus completely on the opportunities in each of their respective markets.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2008 and in 2012 by LeGuide Group.


Categories / Verticals

Adult Products | Baby Care | Beauty | Books | Cars & Motorcycles | Ciao CafĂ© | Computers | DVDs | Education & Careers | Electronics | Entertainment | Family | Fashion | Finance | Fitness | Games | Garden | Health | Household Appliances | Musical Instruments & Equipment | Internet | Music | Office Equipment & Software |Sports & Outdoors | Telecommunications | Travel | Recipes

Fast Facts

Market availiblity
France, Germany, Italy, Spain,
UK, Netherlands, Sweden

Monthly Unique Visitors* (Europe)
> 9.49 mio

Online Shops
> 6.600

> 1.44 mio members

> 7.1 mio

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